9 thoughts on “Big Question 19/5/16 ”

  1. Sure, David… unless they have a completely different set of ethics or moral code… or their lack of. I believe they’ll be far superior in technology and warfare. If they are ‘inhuman’ towards other species they’ll treat us the same way we treat other earthlings. What if they see us as ‘food’ and nothing else? How will we be able to convince them that killing and eating human beings is a bad thing?

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  2. I think it’d be interesting. It would definitely be a mixed bag as to whether or not you would get a more compassionate species or a more warring species, but it would be cool to have the opportunity to exchange cultural ideals.

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  3. No I wouldn’t. I agree with some of the other commenters that we have no clue what theses creatures ethics and morals would be and we can’t assume it would go well. Maybe I’ve seen too many scifi movies but I’m totally cool with not knowing.

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