Mad Mob

esoteric resonance

The maddening mob
One sickening thought
Pouring all over the wrath for unknown
And here I stand alone

They were watching or seeing
Listening or hearing
Wanting to help or just fearing
Amidst this confusion, here I stand alone

Mom, I thought of you
Wished dad was around
Almost heard my little ones’ whispering sounds
But I was pushed too far, I stood alone
The faith was bruised
My belief raped
I was torn inside out, and my killers escaped,
They say that’s the price you pay, when you stand alone

They thought they were God, for they decided my fate
They thought they served justice, as they hurt me with spade
Mere shallow fellows, with fragile bones and a fake parade
Almost successful, because they found me alone

Now I reside amidst the stars
But I still watch and believe
I listen every day for every day you grieve

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