A dystopian short story

The Amazing Life of I

Okay so every now and then I write so here’s a fairly recent piece.

I’m making toast when I hear the door clunk open. A familiar figure appears in the doorframe, a lab coat three sizes too large draped over his slight frame.

“Long time no see!” I call across the room. Strangely the man doesn’t reply, his head is bowed. For the first time I feel that this visit may be more than intellectual.

“The experiment has concluded.” His voice is soft, hesitant. “We thank you for your participation.”

I don’t let my face betray my nerves. “I failed then?”

The man pauses his slow stroll across the room. “I’m sorry.” He says, and for the first time since I’d known him there is no hidden agenda in his words.

An uneasy silence fills the air, neither of us wants to continue this conversation.

I break first, I’ve never…

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