4 thoughts on “Big question 12/5/16”

  1. A hot pepper when I was younger. I did it intentionally, I know right. Yes, I did drink plenty of water. I also found out recently that sugar will do the trick! I was pleasantly surprise by this.

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  2. I had a wonderful chicken vindaloo (not sure I of the spelling there) in London once that was pretty hot. But I think growing up in New Mexico de-sensitized me a bit. Lol i think the hottest was actually something I made with lots of habaneros. But i have to say water usually makes it worse stick to milk or sour cream to tone it down. 🌋

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  3. There are all kinds of hot foods I have eaten. The worst to get rid off are Jalapeño peppers and Tabasco pure, but Dijon Mustard has it’s bite too..

    There are most likely a few things that were more spicy than those, but i don’t remember, or better said, probably do not even want to remember 😉

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