15 thoughts on “Big Question 5/5/16”

  1. Knowing an autism information adn awareness blog followed my meme and shitposting awareness blog, all because I made a post calling Youtube user TVFilthyFrank autistic. (He’s not.)

    PS: I am, coincidentally, actually autistic. Fight the good fight, fam.

    PPS: dont unfollow me now i need the fame and fortune and adsense pls thx

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  2. My motivation is hope…hoping that this is the day I write…hoping it’s the day my grandson gets into a school that really gets him and helps him…hoping my daughter finds the perfect house….every day…hope motivates me.

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  3. Not to be nerdy, but I’m a Slytherin in the Harry Potter world. Ambition is my house’s anthem, and when I’m too tired, emotionally screwed, or otherwise unwilling, anticipating the feeling of success when I’ve accomplished something reboots me. Outside of my family and passions, there’s nothing as sweet as knowing I did a bang-up job on something, even if it’s small.

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