A Dialogue with Lifeby Mirissa D. Price: A Dental Student, A Writer, A Journey To Sharemirissaprice.wordpress.com

Life: Haven’t you learned? The unexpected always happens. 

Me: Okay, okay . . . But this? Why this? 


Life: You don’t need to know why. Just take what I give you. 


Me: Do I even have a choice?


Life: No. 


Me: Can I at least know, why this . . . why now?


Life: Don’t ask questions. One day you will understand.


Me: I have heard that before.


Life: I know. 


Me: You . . . know?


Life: I was there. I made that choice for you.


Me: I just can’t! I can’t do this again. There has to be a way to stop you, to change your mind.


Life: No, darling. My mind is set. All you have to do is accept.


Me: I have felt that before, powerlessness.


Life: I know. I was there, too, catching you as you fell. Don’t you see? I have always been there.


Me: But I have my mind, and the choice to rethink what you give me, to make it my own.


Life: So they say.


Me: Because it’s true. I won’t accept what you are doing to me.


Life: Okay.


Me: That’s it? Okay? 


Life: Okay.


Me: Is it really that simple?


Life: Only you will know.
About Mirissa: 
The doctor said she would live in a nursing home, confined to a wheelchair, crippled by pain. That was thirteen years ago. Instead, Mirissa D. Price is a 2019 DMD candidate at Harvard School of Dental Medicine, spreading pain-free smiles, writing through her nights, and, once again, walking through her days. 
(Mirissa Price is a Huffington Post blogger and emerging writer with publications in Yellow Chair Review, The Ekphrastic Review, Corvus Review, Every Day Poems, and more. Follow more of Mirissa’s writing at https://mirissaprice.wordpress.com/.)

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