What have you done to CHANGE lately?


Think about it for a second, reflect and look back. What have you done to change lately? With change I mean something new, something you grow from and/or something that deviates from your usual routine. Change brings variety in our lives, variety keeps us on our toes and makes us excited. Being more excited more often leads to a more enjoyable lifestyle. You see; change is important.

Riddle me this:

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3 thoughts on “What have you done to CHANGE lately?”

  1. One positive change I have made in my life recently is listening to Louise Hay every day! The positive affirmations make me feel calmer and handle things better!

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  2. I’ve started my blog, Me, Myself & I’m a Mommy @ meyselfandimaruralmomm.com, writing everyday and sharing posts with friends and/or people around the world encourages me to write. I want to share helpful and personal blessings/ideas. Writing about plans, like my pinterest challeges, also means I have to follow through on what I write. So it’s been a win-win.

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  3. I’ve made a concious effort to be more concious. To be fully engaged in the moment..and it’s working! Just being more mindful is giving me pleasure in things I have experienced a hundred times before.

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