Honour killing by Stuti Sood

Both of ’em were bound by the societyBut they believed in the All mighty

They thought their love was strong enough

But in the end they could not do much.
They both could not live without each other

But the society wanted them to suffer

They thought maybe they had a chance

To the past they glance.
Their Eltern were furious

They noise of the horses after them was melodious.

They were in rage

They wanted their children to be kept in cage.
Boys had no wishes 

Girls had no choice

They were killed

If they raised their voice
Their honour was hurt which was always kept high

And they killed their beloved with a sigh!

Colourless tears were rolling down the daughter’s cheeks

Her wound would never heal.
She felt shattered

Her wounds did not mattered

End of two lives with swords and knives
They both went away together smiling

Is this honour killing?

It killed two innocents

With utter sorrow 

My head bends. 

p.s. I am just 15 but even this honour killing makes me feel suffocated. I know it s\is full of agony, but sometimes we need to really think. 

Thankyou for giving me a chance to say what I feel. ❀ 

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9 thoughts on “Honour killing by Stuti Sood”

  1. I loved this. And you are so right on. It is not only happening, it is forgotten after 1 news show has aired on it. This is something you’d be a wonderful ambassador for. I only say that because you have given us the perfect picture of the travesty and senselessness of this horrible act, and yet you didn’t even need the pictures. Thank you for posting this.

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  2. the good, the light, the innocents of the world are extinguished.
    which then leaves the world with a deficit of good and the innocent; and a surplus of dark.
    and we do nothing, but wait for darkness to fall

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