Mind, Body, Soul Newsletter – March 2016

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At its heart, grace is gratitude for all that is. Gratitude naturally results when you become aware of the events, processes, and coincidences that must happen to support your life. It is the realization that trillions of cells in your body all coordinate to give you life. Grace is gratitude for our blessings, despite our circumstances. Grace is gratitude for the gift of a blade of grass, the joy of a child, and the existence of the universe.” www.artofgrace.org

Cyclone Winston has delivered the theme for this month’s newsletter: Grace and Gratitude. Surprised?

February’s newsletter was about hydration. In it I invited you to reflect on water from four different perspectives  –  mind, body, soul and life. This month continues the theme from a different personal angle. But first a bit of background.

Cyclone Winston’s fury wreaked havoc on  the Fijian islands. The devastation has been severe. Torrential rain…

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