An Open Letter to Justin Bieber…(parental advisory)


Dear Justin,

Yeah it’s too fucking late to say sorry! You spineless, entitled, little piece of garbage. Let me state right now that I am not now, nor have ever been a Justin Bieber fan. I prefer to listen to music with actual substance than the ultra processed, sugar coated bubblegum, lifeless, soul sucking dribble that constitutes most of the music you release to the “Beliebers”. This letter I am writing to you is not about your music. Art is subjective and since the birth of rock and roll, (don’t get delusional, nothing about you resembles actual rock n roll Justin) every generation has produced their own bubblegum “pop” idols marketed primarily at the music buying pre-pubescent teenage girl demographic.

From a business standpoint, it’s perfect. You take a “good looking” young pop star, toss him on-stage and the girls will swoon and money will be made. It matters very little…

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