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The oldest war child of the millenium is 5


Can you imagine knowing a 5 year old child who has not ever seen peace in their life? Born amidst war and terrorism, these 5 year old kids are the first of the children being born into a strife filled world.

This year, 2016, sees the fifth birthdays of these children and they have never blown out a candle or had plans to have a birthday party. Fear of bombs which killed their classmates at school and the constant reverberation of bombs is their party tune.

When the children in safer countries (I say safer, because the spindly arm of terror is almost everywhere now) see kids on the news fleeing with their parents or floating up dead on seashores, I do not feel completely hopeless. No, I am not crazy and I know the world might very well be going to the dogs.

The beacon of hope I see…

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