A rebel without a cause
Chosing simplicity over detail
imperfections and flaws
Chapters in her own fairy tale

Despite the blows she was dealt
In her heart a fire always burned
Her world was an asteroid belt
And She left no stones unturned

In a scorched earth
She was a phoenix
Reborn from her ashes after each trial
soaring towards the skies in a helix,
Brought the world to its knees
with her smile

She was music to my ears
A timeless work of art
a harmony lifting my soul
a melody ripping me apart.

Our battlefield was the starry night
Moon and sun fusing in an eclipse
A dance of swords, a magical rite
sparkles were born at the touch of our lips

Black and white diamonds
we held the world in our fingertips
I was her safe haven
She was my apocalypse

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