By Morgan Amos


I seek within myself to find the thing that keeps me going

To find that inner peace in knowing I’ll be OK

To know that despite the troubling waters I’ll find a way to keep my head up above

To know that loving myself is perfectly alright

To know that I don’t desire the approval of others

My only desire is to gain the approval from Him

I am a child of God

I am an individual

I am a fighter

Uniquely made, and I’m on a journey to discover all that life has to offer

No longer willing to be bound by fear

But, instead uplifted by faith

Uplifted by the power in knowing that I hold the key to fulfilling my destiny

My willingness to try is all He asks of me

So, I’m taking that leap

Knowing full well that failures will happen and successes will be made

The beauty lies within the journey