6 thoughts on “Big question 14.4.16”

  1. I am passionate about music,books and travel! It is like I can pack my bags and leave this minute to go anywhere in the world, doesn’t matter where. Same for books, if I have books and music I can be locked up in a house and I wouldn’t mind at all! And oh yes, food! I loooooove my food! I am one of those people that will usually eat whatever is served up on a plate and placed in front of me! I am yet to find a fruit or vegetable or cuisine that I don’t like!

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  2. Thank you David for giving us an opportunity to share our passion with the world. I am passionate about dance (Bollywood dance). If I hear any of my favourite songs, it becomes difficult to control myself. I love dance. I am passionate about reading books on law of attraction and writing my blog, spreading this knowledge to the world. And yes, I am passionate about my dream career of cyber security. The ever changing technology and the vastness of cyber space attracts me more and more everyday to learn new things and gain knowledge and skills.

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  3. Hi David. I think there are many things that I can say I feel passionate about, but one thing stands above the rest(except from my dog)… whitewater kayaking. After 26 years on the river I still feel the same childlike joy on every single trip as the first time I tried. It’ never been about pushing limits or getting an adrenalin rush, but being able to enjoy and understand a part of nature that i so limited to the rest of the world.

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  4. Hello everyone! My passion is living truly and helping others suffering from anxiety, PTSD and other stress related disorders by sharing how yoga and meditation are helping me deal with the traumatic stress I encounter everyday I my career.

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