She by Allyzon Rivera

She kept her smiles for a long time.

She kept her happiness for a long time.

And she kept her love for a long time..

For the right person

But now she’s happy yet sad

She’s smiling yet grouching

She’s loving yet hating

I’ve never seen those smiles before until she met you

She thought she can keep those smiles

But she was wrong

She didn’t even imagine that you’ll also be the reason to take out those smiles

She gave everything she got

And she did her very best

Now she’s tired but she will never give up

That’s not her thing.

She will always give that big smile even though she’s hurting.

She will always do her best even though she’s tired already.

And she will continue to love you even though you don’t love her back.

She just needs a break

A step back

A fall back

A look back

She just needs to recharge

She just needs to learn to love herself again 

So she can love you more

She will always be here for you

And she won’t forget or hate you 

That’s the best thing for her

She doesn’t know how to hate someone

She will stay in touch 

She won’t be long

She won’t be far

She’s still your good friend

She just need a time on her own.
Allyzon Rivera