David Snape Show 11.4.16

Thank you so much for everyone who has made this blog what it is today. For all the guest writers, interviewers and for everyone who has followed me and has listened to my radio show. I’ve just turned 26, thank you for the birthday messages that have been coming in. If you missed my latest radio show, here’s the link 😃

David Snape Show - Bourne and Beyond

On this weeks show, we take a closer look at the Panama leaks. Why a cyclist was brave enough to cycle on the M25 and have the latest on the new series of the Game of Thrones.
All that with post of the week: Footsteps by a Momma’s view
Could Rihanna keep the top stop of the Itunes Power rankings for a 4th week?
New Artist Showcase: Woodkid, Innerspace Orchestra and Rebecca Clements
Also interviews with The Ellipsis, talking about their musical career and how to keep it local.
Also Jane Quantrill from Sydney, Australia to talk about her book, ‘Partners in time’.

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