Death by Sameer Muley 

What is death as an expression? Ideally it denotes freedom. Freedom from this life, the hardships, the betrayals and the routine. For the creative ones it is their final expression. The ultimate climax on the theatre of life. For the positive thinkers, it is a stage prior to the next unknown. For some a break, and for the rest, that’s the end of everything. 

Medical guys call death as clinical death. There is an interesting fact about heart failure and death. Think, if kidney fails man lives, liver fails man can live, lungs fail man lives, even brain dead are alive. The word dead is pronounced only when heart stops beating. That means the first person born on this planet and the last to die will die of one reason only Heart failure.


What really happens when you approach death? What one must be feeling a second before he is dead? Does he realizes that this is an end to all his emotions, aspirations, and a life that he has nurtured, struggled to shape this far. Will he be able to carry anything, even thoughts to the unknown world? Is he thinking about that or may be money, wife, son, children, grandchildren, himself or country? What could be the condition of his mind before that moment? Is he even aware about it? Or pain just takes him over or it is just a feeling of deep sleep before he is taken by death? What is it?


The hospitalized ones get the best facilities to extend their chances of living. It can be a touch and go situation for some. What must be happening to those who are hanged by law? Some get disturbed, some can’t sleep, some calm down the night prior to the day. Some ask for sweets, or particular dish to eat & carry its lingering taste to the death plank. What must be happening in the minds of these people? Some are hardcore criminals, some terrorists, some murderers, and may be just in case a trapped innocent can be the one in them. All these people are approaching one situation.


Imagine you get up; take a bath when it doesn’t matter at all. Listen to a religious man. The priest is telling you some thing about your deeds here and your next life, which is the last thing you want to hear at that moment. Then comes two escort policemen. The door opens and the two escorts take you through the corridor. All these days you have known that in that part of the jail there is the death plank, and walking towards the same you tell yourself that it doesn’t matter. You walk through the door.


It is a planned event. So again after the door you wait and take a look at all the people present there. A senior police officer, a doctor, a magistrate with a black coat holding files with one hand and wiping his fore head. On the other side five constables and an officer standing in a row. Two escorts holding your arms. And at the plank the last man present adjusting the knot on the rope. In a moment you observe their little tense faces. They all are tense, like they will be hanged next to you. Or may be they didn’t like being there to witness a legal murder, death by force. Not something good to watch early morning.


Then the senior officer confirms with the magistrate and signals the escort to take you to the plank. You start walking thinking will it hurt. At the first step towards the plank you notice that the rope is too high. Will I be left hanging there above the ground for the next one hour or may be below the plank. Will every body leave for a tea after hanging me, or will just wait there and watch me dead. Will I make sounds while dying? Will it scare them for rest of their lives?


Everything on your body except clothes is removed. Here goes cuff. The Jallad ties your hands behind your back & you realize that you are very close to that moment. You walk a step ahead on the plank and here goes legs. They are tied too. The wooden plank is little creepy. Walking from the firm ground to the creepy wooden plank immediately makes you understand the difference.


Then comes the mask. The dark black mask is so dark that you loose vision. Your mind immediately starts searching for sound. But there are just foot steps. Escorts climbing down, away from you.


You realize, you are very very close. Suddenly all the sound dies except for birds & may be a distant train making the unwanted noise. You loose your concentration to the sound. Suddenly you hear a lever being pushed. Before you could analyze that sound, you are sucked by gravity. You vaguely realize that you are falling down. Your feet feel hungry for ground for support. Wanting desperately to touch down somewhere.


And that’s the moment the rope around your neck starts getting smaller. You start feeling the abrasion & try to adjust your neck to suit the contours but the rope acts faster & you are late.


A moment passes and you start feeling breathless, you desperately want to get to loosen the rope around your neck by your hand, but they are tied hard. You give up. Suddenly your life starts rolling in your mind. Your parents, your childhood, youth, wife, kids, events, the court, the lawyers arguing, the judge sentencing you to death, jail & you remember walking towards the plank and actually stepping on it, and you hanging there and the magistrate still wiping his forehead, doctor walking towards plank to confirm your death.


You think, a few moment ago I walked this scene and how come it is being replayed in my mind. You realize you are dead.


What do you think?

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