8 thoughts on “Dear Autism Community: What are your thoughts on this autism awareness campaign?”

  1. I would say that I don’t know enough about their fundraising event or where the money is going exactly to have an opinion. But you can’t assume that it isn’t legit just because they are not as well known as a Red Bull or another major brand that it isn’t legit. Maybe it’s a smaller company and someone has a family member with autism or knows someone with autism. Maybe they are hoping the fundraiser will bring more attention to their brand.

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  2. You shouldn’t have to ‘fight autism’. It is a condition which we have to live with; there is no way to beat it. Awareness should be spread, yes, but autism is a part of who we are and this campaign is basically saying that autism is like a disease. It isn’t. Autism isn’t something to defeat. Whilst the idea is nice, I think maybe they could, you know, not make it seem deadly.

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  3. I personally don’t like the wording… Fight Autism? People should be more aware of this condition. Fight makes it sound as though there is a ‘cure’ for autism. Live the madness! what exactly is that supposed to mean? The idea of raising funds to help raise awareness is a lovely idea, but it doesn’t match the advertising on the can.

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  4. the wording is ableist. some checking shows that “race for autism” is a fundraiser for the “National Foundation for Autism Research” Their website says they offer parents groups,, community programs and teacher training as well as tech related vocational training. Before giving to any organization its important to ask these questions:
    1. what does the money go to? Is it actually providing for assistance to autistics?- what are the percentages concerning spending? Autism speaks spends just a paltry 4 percent of its budget on helping kids and pumps the rest into salaries, marketing, and figuring out how to end our lives before they begin. Without a budget breakdown- its impossible to know how much is being spent on the programs they provide.
    2. Are there any people on the spectrum actively involved in its leadership? Nothing about us without us. I do not see any info or indication that this organization includes our voices.
    3. What message are they sending concerning autism? Is it one of hyperbolic tragedy and hopelessness- to tug on the heart and purse strings, is it one of WAR , or one of positivity? The can certainly isn’t positive.

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