Ask David?

What topics do you want me to talk about on my radio show? It could be anything you like, maybe about a recent news story, about myself and autism or maybe it could be something on your mind. Put your questions down and i will give you a message when I will answer your question on my radio show. Looking forward to answering your questions.

6 thoughts on “Ask David?”

  1. I raised a child with aspergers from age 3 to 13. A few years ago I read a book called the G.A.P Syndrome. It was writing by a neurologist who had a son with autism and she had developed a diet that helped explain at least some of autism and the relationship between the digestive system and the brain and how, if the health of the digestive system isn’t working right it would affect you neurologically. She worked with her son on that premise and today he has no symptoms of autism. She has helped many others as well. I used this book when my digestive system was destroyed by antibiotics after surgery and it worked. What are your feelings about whether the food an autistic child eats – and craves – would have an effect on the brain. She explains that it comes from the lack of certain bacteria a baby would not pick up in the birth canal. It’s an awesome book. I’ve told many people about it.

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  2. I guess I would say “make it your own.” What are you passionate about? You note sport and some other items on your about page, so I’d say do what drives you. As for me, I’m interested in a lot of things, but predominately writing, maybe how to do podcasting, science, literature, nature, hiking, gardening, photography, reading. Anyway, best wishes to you, David—just found your site through Sonni Quick!

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