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What topics do you want me to talk about on my radio show? It could be anything you like, maybe about a recent news story, about myself and autism or maybe it could be something on your mind. Put your questions down and i will give you a message when I will answer your question on my radio show. Looking forward to answering your questions.

I am not a public defender.


I am not a public defender.

I do not wake up each morning, and lace up my boots.  I don’t wait for a radio to tell me the next location of some rational emergency happening in the surrounding community.  I have never sat behind a computer preparing myself for when the phone rings, calming myself and my voice before the storm. I have not dispatched anyone to a loose dog, or a house fire, or a life alert button being pushed. I don’t carry a gun, I don’t call out license plates that look suspicious.  I have no clue who sits behind bars waiting for trial, or know the roster of who has court today.  I have not listened to my co-workers being attacked, knowing I was unable to help.

There are no major events in my life that I can pinpoint for depression.  No scenes that I have run…

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