The Revenant quick movie review by Atreya Ray

revenant: (n.)- a person who has returned, especially supposedly from the dead.
After tech, my list of favourites includes movies very high on the list. So after waiting long for this critically acclaimed movie, here is my response to it.
Innaritu, in his new Oscar winning venture, sets the film in 19th century America, potraying the poignant tale of Hugh Glass(Lenardo DiCaprio), a fur trade expedition member who gets caught in a bear attack and is later betrayed by fellow explorer Fitzgerald. As he weathers the American winter and comes back from the jaws of death, he plots for revenge of the murder of his son.
From a viewers aspect, it happens to be a superbly gripping movie. The adrenaline rush that turns on at the start never really wears off. The sets of the movie are captivating, showing the harshness of nature while also proving to be cinematic wonders. The plot line is engaging and I didn’t notice any drags in the story. Leonardo DiCaprio comes out with a stellar performance and really binds the movie together. Though there fewer than a dozen dialogues and he is mostly seen crawling on the ground and moaning, his performance is nothing short of excellent.
Hats off to Innaritu, the movie is a must watch
Overall Rating: 9.5/10