David Snape Show 2 (4.4.16)

On the show, we look back at the career of Ronnie Corbett. Why both the UK steel industry and Qatar’s World cup are in tatters. And can Rihanna make it 3 weeks in number 1 in the Itunes Power rankings?
All that plus this weeks post of the week: What Am i reflecting by Nancy Ruminski.
This weeks new artist showcase: The Ellipsis, Robyn Sherwell and Mt.Wolf
Two interviews: one with last week’s new artist showcase star, Salix Willow. And Sonni Quick with one of the most hardhitting interviews we have ever done, talking about the US prison system and Jamie Cummings who has epilepsy and how he’s been treated in there.


A Momma's View


We all leave our little mark while “walking” our path of life. I know that there is a quote down that line but was unable to find it. Here is what I think it was all about:

When we leave our footprints on our journey through life, we can not only consider ourselves. We need to make sure that there is still room for others to leave their mark as well. So walk gently. Leave your mark but don’t destroy. Make your path but don’t hurt. Leave a footprint people would love to follow, maybe get inspired rather than being scared. Leave a mark that makes people smile rather than cry. Leave a path, people want to follow but not walk on. Something that guides rather than pushes. Motivates and inspires rather than orders…

Inspired by the Daily Post Daily Prompt – Footsteps

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