Reflections of the unkown soldier


“In your first battle:
…Making the first step seemed the hardest , as if the whole universe was conspiring against you, you felt entangled, deeply rooted,million of thoughts coursing through your head.

“This is your story”,
mere lines on a piece of paper, small dots of ink connected to each other in an unorthodox display to form a novel, something you would hope someone out there would read before you end up a corpse or a  star on the wall of the lost ones

“And life soon took a turn, you’re in your twenties”

“As war raged, :
your mind subjected to detachment, your spirit aching to be set free, emotions of rage and retribution surging through your veins as your blood flow, your lungs gasping for air, your heart burning, deep down you are roaring and howling, on the surface you’re calm… like a bomb.
your battle squadron are…

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