Happy Easter treat on me -Welcome to the first ever David Snape Show on Mixcloud

Thank you for everyone that has been listening to my show. We have reached number 50 in the interview charts. There is still time to listen to the show by clicking on the link.

The David and Christina Show

Coming up on my first show, exclusively on Mixcloud, we find out why the world’s number tennis player is being greedy.
How the Conservative Party has done an almighty fluke. And how a man on a tree literally broke the internet.
Plus we have this weeks post of the week: Birth by Soul Gifts
New artist showcase: Foy Vance, Salix Willow and Shearwater
Also two music interviews: Ben Mckelvey talks about his latest music as well as his latest tour with Wet Wet Wet.
And a lady making a comeback, talking about her life in music and much more, the brilliant Gail Edmunds.
Happy Easter Everyone.

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Easter And Political Correctness

A Momma's View

I try to stay away from posts about politics or religion. It’s a hot iron and I’m totally aware of it. Today I read something that made me think. And it has a lot to do with so called political correctness and religion: A principal bans the word “Easter” form the schools annual Easter hat parade. The reason: He wanted to make the event more inclusive.

Now first of all: How can you possibly have an Easter parade without the word Easter in it? It’s turning into a simple parade! But this just as a side note…

Here are my thoughts, and please get me right: It’s only an opinion. I’m not telling you what you have to think or do. I’m simply sharing my thoughts on this subject and I think I’ve never been that open about it so far…

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