2008 Re-post: Learning to accept my autistic son


(Originally posted Apr 17 2008 12:00am)

My son was born after midnight during the cooler days of May, before the Central Valley could blaze triple-digit temperatures. The delivery room was packed full of people. The doctor, several nurses, my husband, my parents and my mother-in-law were in attendance. As my son emerged into the world, I expected him to gasp and then cry about the abrupt ejection.

He did not.

Instead he was quiet and blue. The umbilical cord was wrapped around his slender neck several times. Of course I didn’t know that yet, but the jubilant faces of the others gave way to peaked, pinched expressions. When I asked what was wrong. The response was, “Nothing. Everything’s okay. It’s okay.” The reassurances scared me. I was only 20-years-old, but already I knew people lied when things were really, really wrong. Did I not push hard enough or fast enough?…

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3 thoughts on “2008 Re-post: Learning to accept my autistic son”

  1. This is everything. I said only last night to my husband ‘how long will it be until I no longer wish Sam wasn’t autistic? And I can accept every side of him? Been a bad day today for me. This was just what I needed to read 😊😊😊

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