Philip Craddock Writing Portfolio

I shed my lies & alibis,
you have no use for those.
I scatter them by bedside
atop my cast-off clothes.

You tore down my defences,
broke through each eldritch wall.
I admire your attire
then slowly strip it all.

I open my heart to you,
I get it off my chest.
You listen so sympathetically,
place my hand on beautiful breast.

Were any of my problems solved
or just temporarily tossed aside?
You smile from ear to ear
then open your legs as wide.

You give me relief, respite,
from demons dancing round my head.
You gently guide me inside
to get down & dirty instead.

Some days demand a listener,
some days ask after action.
Some nights sleek sensually
to offer other oral distraction.

My love, my best friend, my fantasy –
you are each & everything to me.
I look forward to waking with you
to see…

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