Insight Into The Silvers Recording Process


The Silvers Poster - Mick, Ricky, Glenn and Tom The Silvers Poster – Mick, Ricky, Glenn and Tom

Some of you may be wondering how four guys who live so far apart can still make music. The Silvers are doing something very original as a “virtual” band. We’ve never played together nor have we all been in the same room at the same time! So here’s how we do it. To start with, someone brings a song. Usually that person has an idea of how it should sound, so he lays down a DEMO. This usually involves recording the tune along with a metronome or drum machine.

In my case, for the DEMO, I use “Ringo”, the drum machine Ken and I had accompany us during our Double Shot days. This sets the tempo and relative drum beat of the song. Usually I first record “Ringo” the length of the intended arrangement. Second I record the chords. Thirdly comes…

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The David and Christina Show

Here is a list of the various features that I do on my show and how you can take part.

Ask David?

I am very open and honest when it comes to questions about life, the world and various news items. It’s your chance to ask me any question you want and I will give you an answer as well as some handy hints and tips on that subject in hand.

Big question

The big question would usually follow on from Ask David? or the main topic and its your chance to give me your views on the question a couple of days before the show. I will read out your answers and will give you my verdict on what you have written down.

My take on this weeks news

I will read out 5 stories of the week with my own humour mix into it.

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