The First Driving Lessons of a Young Adult

Adventurer at Heart

78f6a4a32ec7a7c776561305b128d62fIt is an inevitable part of modern life that we will all learn how to drive, as much for freedom as out of necessity. And without a doubt anyone whose reached and/or passed that milestone has more than a few stories to share. I’ve only just started my adventure, but it’s already become very interesting.

I guess I should start with a bit of background. I’m twenty-three and just purchased a car, got a learner’s permit, and am taking driving lessons from my father. You may be asking ‘How does someone reach that age without learning how to drive?’ The answer–in short–is life. When I was thirteen my father–who was in the Air Force–was stationed in England and I spent the first three years of High School over there. My parents didn’t want me learning how to drive in a foreign country because how they drive is different–and I’m not…

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