A Critique On Tolstoy And Nonviolence

Tom StarLove

What a beautiful thinker Count Leo Tolstoy was. His prophecies on a dogmatic church and an overbearing government proved timeless. His belief in the simplicity of Jesus’ message, entirely culminated at the Sermon On The Mount evoked the words and thoughts of saints and prophets from all ages. Tolstoy repeated, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and “Do not resist evil with violence,” he quoted Jesus. Tolstoy wrote this Law of Love was the Law of God, and breaking it accounted for all mankind’s unhappiness. 

But Tolstoy was wrong in this absolutism and in believing this was the crux of Jesus’ teaching. Throughout the gospels, Jesus and his mentor, John the Baptist, warned there would be retribution for evildoers in the judgment days and even in the afterlife. Jesus himself would deny salvation to them saying “Go away from me I never knew you.” (citation…

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