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Bookworm, Weirdo, Loser, Quiet, just a few of the words some people use. Growing up, I was always considered “different” My parents enrolled me in a small, private school filled with rich kids. I was the kid with frizzy hair and a bad fashion sense. I liked going outside and searching for bugs more than anything. I was an only child and not used to a lot of social interaction. I can vividly remember even as early as the fourth grade, being “cool” or “popular” was a big deal. A new girl came to our school, and quickly found her place. She was outspoken, girly, so she was easily accepted. I went on through school, quickly seeing how the other kids viewed me. It used to bother me that I didn’t shop at the places they did. They wore Sperry’s and Hollister shirts. I was wearing weird patterned shirts and…

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What’s on the David Snape Show 22.3.16?

For the final show on SouthWaves Radio before we move onto Mixcloud, we have an interview with Alix Strickland Fernoy from Le Cheman ABA learning house in Paris, France, to learn about how this learning house helps people with autism and learning difficulties.

Also on the new artist showcase we have Only girl, Gail Edmunds and Gavin James.

Plus loads more, so for the final time it’s 8pm Tuesday GMT and repeated on Thursday 1pm GMT on