Until then


Like the fields of Elysuim , immortal ,evergreen
To the threads of destiny, you were  nothing but pawn
left me grieving , so Sudden, Brutal and Unforeseen
as you parted away at the darkest hour before dawn

The Reaper swung his scythe
claiming your pure soul
Casting my heart into blight
I can still hear the bells toll

Death i wish i could strangle
When it revealed itself an unwelcomed host
Before it sneaked and blew your candle
you paid the price, heavy was the cost

Autumn’s orange and  burgundy leaves
dance around my cottage
Reminding me of you in these days of solace
and the unfullfilled dreams we had at college

Decades, years, months have passed
In my dreams i held on to you tight
Nothing changed i miss you like in the past
with every dying dusk and newborn light

When  the reaper swings his scythe
I shall  welcome it with no fright
Swift,Remorseless and unforseen
Our souls will reunite one day… my queen

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