25 thoughts on “Big question 18.3.16”

  1. My first thought was to the taxes imposed upon cigarettes. I do not think that has helped deter smokers so I don’t think a sugar tax will help the obese. What would help would be to make fresh foods (fruit/vegetables) less expensive than a jumbo burger or a box of sugar filled garbage. People love convenience, it’s not as easy to cook a meal at home using fresh fruits and vegetables as it is to zoom though the drive through. Sugar isn’t the only issue. It’s the quality of food overall.

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    1. No, the tax on tobacco helps fund a lot of programs. The Feds want to keep that money flowing in. I have thought about it a lot and if everyone threw their tobacco products all away the Feds would go into a panic.

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      1. At the top right of your dashboard see the little box that says HELP. Click on it and to the far right of that drop down menu you will see get help. It takes trial and error before you can write to them, but sometimes you do’t have to because it has answers in their FAQ. Good luck.


  2. I think it will help because a) it will help raise the profile of sugar content in foods for people who still don’t think about things by hitting their wallets and b) by funding programs (such as teaching people about nutrition) and treatments combating the issue. Fundamentally it helps people (like myself!) who indulge their unhealthy eating habits pay for their part of the problem and think about what they’re doing. On my income, I know it will stop me buying sugary stuff as much.

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  3. It won’t have an immediate effect, but it could be the start of societal change in attitudes towards sugar so it is a good thing. It’s like the increase in tax on smoking, it took a long time but eventually many people stopped. Sugar addiction can be as powerful as nicotine addiction. There is a long way to go and a lot of powerful vested interests with a strong interest in ensuring that unhealthy foods can be sold cheaply and easily which could hold back progress. There needs to be a lot more research, not just into the link between sugar and obesity but the link between poor diets and poor mental health.

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  4. It would be great if this helped, but Prohibition didn’t work like it was intended, either. A better course of action would be less fast food everywhere and more focus and incentive to cook your own healthy(and much cheaper in the long run!) meals.

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