I am a believer


At any another time, reading this title on a blog post, I would not register anything at all. I left it that way to say ‘Hey’ to other like-minded souls out there.

There are friends and family who told me that you would get what you want if you believed in this God, or went to that shrine or said a particular prayer. They all seemed to stand by it and I did not know which God to please or which stone to turn to for things I wanted to achieve in life. And finally, I think I have arrived at an answer, all you need to do is that, WANT.

I believe that if I truly want something in life, be it something round the corner anyway or something that seems out of my league; if I want it enough, I will get it. So will you. I am not…

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Who’s your inspiration? 

Who’s been your inspiration? Is it a family member? A work colleague? A passing stranger? Anyone? On my radio show we are looking for stars of the show and we want you to nominate a person who has been inspirational in your life. We want these people to be mentioned on my show via a comment or we can do an interview and discuss about this person or maybe even nominate them to be invited by myself. We are here to celebrate these special people so get your nominations in. If you are interested in an interview, email me on davidsnape2@gmail.com