Big announcement!!!

It’s been nearly a year now since I started the David Snape Show in SouthWaves Radio and it’s been brilliant doing another new episode every single week. With SouthWaves Radio is going more towards local content and my show going more worldwide, I have decided to part company with SouthWaves Radio and take the show to the next level by joining Mixcloud. There will be no video preview for another 2 weeks as both the next show and next weeks show will be the last shows for SouthWaves Radio before moving into Mixcloud. 

When I join Miscloud in the week starting 28th March, I shall put a new episode in every Monday and put the show via a post on the WordPress post and will keep an archive on every show. I will also tell a bit more about the move on my latest radio show. I will be writing more information about the move to Mixcloud in the coming days and weeks so stay in touch with all the latest updates.

As for this weeks show, it’s the normal procedure, Tuesday 8pm GMT and Thursday 1pm GMT on