12 thoughts on “Interview with Carolyn Ford”

      1. Yes! That would be great! I am interested. I will also ask around to see if others are interested too. Thank you! 🙂

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      2. Fantastic. I will let you know the info for yourself and others.
        We usually do the interviews via Skype, if you haven’t got an account then any telephone number will do. The interview will be on anything of your choice, so it could be about your blog, your specialist subject/job etc…
        I’m a postman by day so I would usually do the interviews at around 6pm GMT the earliest.
        What subject would you like to talk about and what day would be best for you to do the interview?

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      3. Ok great! I would love to talk about my learning center in Paris and my blog to help families adapt their homes to increase fun and communication for children with autism. Does this sound good to you? A Thursday evening is good for me at that time or otherwise, Friday or Saturday. Do you have a preference? Skype should be ok. Thanks again!

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      4. Thursday evening sounds good to me. So Paris is 1 hour ahead so that would be 7pm your time if I remember correctly. What’s your Skype name so that I can add you in?


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