Running Man: Love & Other Marathons

Philip Craddock Writing Portfolio

There’s a hole in my heart,
there’s a hole in my shoe.
Every mile away from her
is a mile closer to you.
The rain pours down, down,
drench me through & through.
Purple blisters on my feet
as sky breaks a bitter blue.
Fleeing from the lies,
longing, seeking something true.
Tick off mile after mile
as they’re turning twenty two.

Faces in the crowd pass
fast, flash by begin to blur
as I pick up the pace, race
to erase memories of her.
Somewhere she still shit
sifts, schemes, starts to stir.
Yet you wait at the finish,
pleasure promised makes me purr.

Keep on running, running man
pass picture perfect scene.
Can I paint past with your colours,
beauty blur lines where I’ve been?
Somewhere jealousy jars her,
she turns sickly shades of green.
Your love’s a rosy red ahead,
we’ll wed as king & queen.


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