13 thoughts on “Big Question 11/3/16”

  1. We already are imortal. We were created in the image of our creator who is imortal. We are spirit, energy. Energy doesn’t die. When we are done here we will go back to our natural state, spirit, and keep living. 🙂

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  2. No. All the people you know and Love would die and you’d be left alone on earth. Then if you’d continue to age that would be even worse. Old, sick, decrepit, lonely, and feeble. Yuck! When it’s time for me to leave this earth I’m ready to go onto Glory, Heaven and see all my family members who passed away. Paradise is a much better option.

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  3. Yes!…as I believe that is where we are headed as a planet, with a shift into the light, rejuvenation and full healing available, and humanity reconnected to the truth of their divinity and thus their divine bodies, able to rejuvenate and heal. I believe many will choose this path, and even though some may choose to leave their bodies, all with know it is just another dimension they are moving into, so no grief is necessary. I believe we will then be able to consciously choose when we tire of this particular body and incarnation we can leave our bodies and move on to something else.

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  4. Oh we definitely have that chance; I know it. After we die, we will become immortal and have perfect bodies without any more sicknesses and death! That is a beautiful thing that will definitely happen!! I look forward to that day when I will have no illness and imperfection in my body and everybody else’s.

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  5. Honestly, I do not think I would take the opportunity to become immortal. I wouldn’t mind being guaranteed an extended length of life though but to never be able to be put to rest is undesirable. I think that we are spiritual beings made up of energy which never dies; I believe it moves forward into the next experience and that is something I wouldn’t want to miss.

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  6. No. Right now my task is to nurture my family, but they won’t need me forever. At some point it will be right for death to take them from me, to give them, in turn, the freedom to nurture their own children. And so my generations continue, for ever I hope.

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