My Response To The Overwhelming Introvert Discussion – Accept Yourself Before Calling For Acceptance

Keep Walking On

I am amazed to see how many articles write about introvert like it’s a new human species. But I’m happy to see the “mystery” of the less-recognized personality trait has finally come to light. Maybe I don’t really mean what I just wrote because, first of all, introversion is nothing “mysterious” to me since I’m very much an introvert myself; and let’s go ask the extroverts, they may also feel misunderstood and have tons of things to clarify; and I know that personality traits should not be divided by this simple dichotomy (well and so there is also a species called ambivert, and you may also have heard about the 16 personality factors which is developed from this extroversion–introversion theory).

I think everyone has both an extroverted side and an introverted side. But to make things simple and with the fact that I was an extreme case of introvert when…

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