14 thoughts on “Big Question 4.3.16”

  1. Prayer, reading Bible verses, meditation, watching a funny video or movie and trying not to dwell on my problems. Of course my writing and photography are very important to me and I feel very happy when engaged in those activities.

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  2. Being postitive is a choice. We must choose everyday to be focused on those things that are positive. We must work toward what is for our highest goos. Energy follows focus. What we focus on is what we will get. So I choose happiness and everything that is for my highest good.

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  3. This is a huge question because this last year has been so hard on me. Doing what I love reminds me why I love those things, although it has been difficult to get started lately. Rereading what I’ve wrote in my diary has been a wonderful way to see how I made it through other hardships, which means even my current struggles will have an end.

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  4. I was raised to be thankful for every good thing, big or small, that comes my way. Having the habit of gratitude has helped me be more optimistic than most people I know. I’m grateful to my parents for this.

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  5. My parents woke us kids up every morning with ,”Rise and Shine!” I think that just became part of my personality. I also tell myself, when things get tough, “Well, it could be a lot worse.” Or I try to look at difficult situations as a challenge and try to work out a solution.

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