Who’s your inspiration this week?

Who’s been your inspiration? Is it a family member? A work colleague? A passing stranger? Anyone? On my radio show we are looking for stars of the show and we want you to nominate a person who has been inspirational in your life. We want these people to be mentioned on my show via a comment or we can do an interview and discuss about this person or maybe even nominate them to be invited by myself. We are here to celebrate these special people so get your nominations in. If you are interested in an interview, email me on davidsnape2@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “Who’s your inspiration this week?”

  1. It’s crazy but my inspiration this week is a little girl in my class. I teach 1st grade and she really inspired me the other day. It’s really all I’ve been able to think about… I’m actually going to blog about it soon. But anyway… A student got hurt on the playground. The inspirarTiknal student said, “Ask God to heal it! You know He can heal it right?” I couldn’t get my phone out to video them fast enough. The other student didn’t say anything. Then other girls came around. They began to basically have a conversation about God. Inspirational student says, “You don’t believe in God?” Another student says, “I do, but I forget to pray sometimes! At least I read the Bible of God.” I start to laugh. Then another student says, “I forget to pray for my food. I forget to pray in the lunchroom because it’s so noisy.” I’m blown away at how they freely express their believes and shortcomings. It really made me evaluate myself to see how I express myself. It was unreal and I am so excited to write about the innocence and purity of God’s children.
    They inspired me to do better and not be ashamed of the gospel!

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