Gone Girl: Duplicity, modern marriage and victim culture; A brilliant satire

Film and Nuance

This was my first ever review on my blog which was about a year ago. But I’m going to repost this (with some edits) to kick off a new series called ‘Favourite Movies Ever‘ which you can find at the top right hand corner of my homepage as one of the menus. I’ll review a favourite movie of mine quite often from now on to add variety to the current movies that I mainly review. So far Her and Midnight In Paris are sitting pretty in that list, check em’ out if you’re interested! Gone Girl will be in as well. Next one will be a certain Christopher Nolan film 😉

You always feel unsettled watching Gone Girl. Right from the start,flashbacks are dark and provide glimpses of both Amy Elliot Dunne’s (Rosamund Pike) and Nick’s (Ben Affleck) perspective. It is a gripping tale that unfolds unconventionally,with bits of…

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