Winter On Fire: Ukraine’s Fight For Freedom review.

Film and Nuance

I’ll be reviewing this as the first of five documentaries nominated for this years Oscars.

Winter On Fire: Ukraine’s Fight For Freedom is one harsh documentary. There’s live footage, quite alot in fact, of the fight between the people in Maidan Square and the armed forces sent by the government. Winter On Fire was filmed so dangerously close to the heart of the conflict, you’d wonder how the director and crew shot this while escaping being shot themselves. The immediacy of the moment captures the full spirit of what happens on the ground; The passing days from the conflicts gestation to its growing support to its bloodied climax couldn’t have been closer to the cold truth. Evgeny Afineevsky gives us some context, albeit a little brief, on how and why the conflict began. But other than telling us that the people were angry they were misled by then president yanukovych…

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