The Divide


Three days ago, February 11 2016, NYPD officer, Peter Liang, was convicted of the manslaughter of Akai Gurley. My heart and prayers are with Mr. Gurley’s wife and little girls. Their loss is something I haven’t had the misfortune of experiencing and therefore something I cannot truly understand, and yet at some level, knowing that an innocent life is gone and knowing that two children will grow up without a father, I understand plenty.

For Liang, there is punishment in knowing he took an innocent life. There is punishment in seeing the impact of his mistake on a mother and her small children. It is not something that anyone can prepare for. Liang made a mistake. He misfired his gun and that bullet, ricocheting through a darkened stairway, shortened the life of an innocent man.

From multiple media outlets, it is told that Liang and his partnering officer, both rookies…

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