Inception review: Unlike anything else; It’s timeless.

Film & Nuance

There’s a film that comes along every once in a while that makes you marvel with bewilderment and grabs you along into its own inventive and ingenious adventure. Inception is one such film. It’s mesmeric time-dilating mechanisms slow down everything; Characters move through dreams within dreams to conduct a heist within the mind, to extract, to sieve, to create and to implant an idea so deep into the subconscious, all the while knowing that they could very well get trapped in it’s mind-warping effects. I love this film not just because I could sit through the whole thing and not get bored at any second of it, but because this is as audacious as movie-making gets. Christopher Nolan defies what we know for a fact but let’s get real here, to use Cobb’s train analogy, ‘you know where this train will take you, but you never know for sure.’  Inception…

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