Congratulation society 🌏🌎🌍

- Princess of Darkness -

She was the girl that always sat alone, her screams were silent but her mind was desperate for love and attention. Her lip were sealed with insecurities that hid deep inside her broken-heart and they always ate her alive with harmful thoughts. She was the girl who spent her days smiling and her nights crying and whimpering. She was the girl who was tortured everyday but every time she fell, she picked herself up. She looked so damn strong, but deep inside her mask she was weak and fragile. Tears rolled down her face, her head began to scream as her heart raced… she took her blade and tore her skin a part, where her loneliness, depression and anxiety lied deep within her unwanted body… she was the girl who always said β€œI am okay” when in reality she cut herself for days, months and years until she had enough…

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