Boxes by Michele Yake

We are all inside if our own boxes
The boxes that are made by our brains
The boxes that encase us
Attempt to protect us
Feed us information about the world
The boxes that interpret information
and incidents
Based on associations
From our past and
Beliefs formed over time
Not all necessarily correct
Designed to protect 
But sometimes misinformed…
The way we interpret the things
 that other people do
Is filtered through our own biases
Experiences, beliefs, past and perspective…
Others see what we do and
Interpret our behaviors 
This is all from within their own 
personal box
The one they are entrapped into
Just like you 
are entrapped into your own box…
Other people process 
our words and actions
through their own filters
Biases, beliefs, experiences
Perspective and point of view…
Some of our beliefs are not even 
truly our own
They were fed to us as children
Forced into us by the media
Formulated out of fear
Of being hurt again…
We are all entrapped into our own
Personal boxes
That is why others often misinterpret
Things we do and say
And we often view thing that
Others do and say
From the point of of view
Of ourselves…
And what we would have meant 
by those words or actions…
We think we know what other are thinking
And how they are feeling
But do others always understand 
How you feel
And what you are thinking?
The only way we can truly connect with one another
Is to acknowledge each other’s boxes
To realize that we automatically interpret
The behaviors of others through our own filters
We view the others
From the little window
Of our box
The one we carved to look out
at the world…
Then we can begin
To ask the other person
What it is like to be inside of their box
And what things look like to them…
We can ask what things feel like 
From inside of their box
And we can share with them
What it feels like to be inside of ours
And how our box made things appear to us
Then and only then
Do we have any chance of
Truly interpreting correctly
The things someone else says and does
And it is our only chance
For someone else to truly understand
and interpret our own
Behaviors, actions and words…
So remember…
 that we are all entrapped 
In our own little boxes of our minds
And we can connect with the others
Inside of their little boxes
But first 
we must ask
 What it is like
Inside of their box

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