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A friend and fan emails me and asks me what I think! My heart-felt thoughts are going to be vulnerably exposed to you in this post! She expects me to spout off some churchy doctrines on the subject but I’ll share what I really think even if it means using a few shocking terms for readers. She writes in saying:

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  1. I doubt there are gods out there other than Somnos maybe who exists merely to mess up my sleep.Even aliens would have a life span and by now would have wandered far away from any interest in us unless it were invasion. Even the most patient couldn’t wait this long for us to improve.
    Any disasters that have fallen us other than biblical floods are generally of our own making, it’s time to stand up and admit our free will is just that. Imagine us all descending from Noah and family, the inbreeding !
    We have a tendency to promote the greedy because they produce results and then end up following them thus giving them a position of power, just look at most politicians.
    Now it’s time for those of us who want to leave a legacy, a world even, for our descendants to say no more war, no more killing for oil or whatever else, we won’t follow the greedy any more. No more profits for those who make weapons of war and sell to all sides.Lets learn to take responsibility and exercise it in the name of common sense and decency.

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