How Self-Aware are People with Autism?


This question has always bugged me.

I’ve always wondered whether Chris knew about his Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). I have asked; he just replies with vague mumbles or changes the subject. What’s interesting though is that whenever he overhears someone talking about his condition saying he is stupid or dumb, he starts getting agitated and cross with everyone. Either he understands people are talking about him and he hates that its about his condition or it’s because he thinks he’s in trouble for something again. Call it Big Sister intuition, but I believe he has a vague idea about his condition mainly due to the fact that I have observed how upset he gets when he can’t do something- out of frustration he will cut the strings on his guitar because he isn’t capable of the proper motor coordination needed to play chords. Also, I believe he doesn’t care (or can’t)…

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3 thoughts on “How Self-Aware are People with Autism?”

  1. Thanks for sharing her blog. I’m now a follower! Personally, I think there is no average among ANY folks. I am probably less self aware than a fellow ASD blogger who spends a lot of time analyzing her interactions. And that’s just me, not “typical” or “atypical.”

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  2. In so many cases of autism, I believe I am at the highest form of it. Having diagnosed as schizophrenia, bi polar and manic depressive. In my lifetime of meds I keep to my training of self control, restraint and be well informed on the spectrum of autism.

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