A tribute by Ogunsanya Enitan olalekan

I.I have seen skulls

reciting national anthem

their hands 18miles afar

chanting pledges.

A stitch in time

now saves a dead meat

roasted on burning embers

peeled flesh raiment

glued to hangers of deadly burden

Listen to the lyrics

that serenate the deaf space from the

corners of the angry dog

keeping guard of the grave

from spare parts invaders.

Drenched in their bloods

still chanting prayers to Yahweh

to take a glimpse on them

lighten their burden for its complexity

to make them bow their head even to death.

Shoot the guns

Throw the grenades

Hide behind the grasses

Hold up till they go down.


the battle had been won

but still they lie here

brought back home to us

not healthy as they left.

A tribute

to those fallen men

who carried the cross we ought to


A tribute

to those valiants men

whose blood they sacrificed

to the gods at the battle field

so we can taste freedom.

A tribute to

those men with worths

more than mere sWORDS

focused not on prosperities

but on prosterities.

A tribute to

those feathers above fathers

whose wings they spread

back they left bent

arms they left opened

to take away our pains.

A tribute to

those fallen men

‘Phaphapha’ the sounds of guns

alone shall accompany them

our supplication and prayers

shall shed you light

as you walk in the street of death.

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