Helping Your Child with Autism to Blossom!

wisdom from the Harts

Hello Dear One!  Yes, you!

I reach out to you with both hands, and hold your hands in mine, and look in  your eyes with deep welcome! I am so glad you are here!

I know the challenges and the joys of raising a son with autism. Yes, I said, “joys”.

If you are like many of the parents I have met over the years, then you are all too familiar with  the pain of raising a child who can’t connect with you. All too often autism is a prison and you lack the key to enter and connect with your child.  There have been many times you want to give up, walk away and get a new life without the burdens of autism. At other times, you feel obsessed with finding a way to help your child function in our world.

But you also know very rare and precious…

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8 thoughts on “Helping Your Child with Autism to Blossom!”

  1. I read you blog… I glad I came across and am so happy to see parents like you with all positive vibes.. That’s how we need to be… It’s only we parents who can see that sparkle in our child’s eyes and make them keep going in the journey of life…. Love<3

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  2. David, this honestly is the most deeply moving article I have read in a long, long time! I cannot thank you enough for sharing this; it’s not only powerfully inspirational but deeply hopeful. I have a great-niece, who is quite autistic, and this has presented an enormous challenge to her parents because her mother, my niece, also has some rather daunting, personal challenges, too. Oh, but this gives hope on top of hope! Thank you, and blessings to you, David!

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